The Hollingworth family tree (abbreviated)


The cast

Ian Alder, a coal miner and heavy rock fan. Friend of David Hollingworth

Clarry Basinger, a used car salesman

Gordon Benson, a farmer. Husband of Pauline, father of Richard, Jonathon, Helen and Guy

Joan Benson, a farmer’s daughter and dressmaker. Friend of Pauline Hollingworth

Pauline Benson née Hollingworth, a shop assistant and housewife. Daughter of Harry and Winnie, wife of Gordon

Richard, Jonathan, Helen and Guy Benson, children of Gordon and Pauline

Mr Birchall, a schoolteacher

Thomas Bligh, a hotelier

Mrs Bligh, his wife

Miss Marjorie Bligh, their daughter. A flapper, a friend and mentor to Winnie Hollingworth

Brenda and Henry, National Coal Board clerical staff

Miss Bryant, a schoolteacher

Mr Bullard, Roy Hollingworth’s probation officer

John Burton, an Elvis fan and a coal miner

Lynda Burton, née Hollingworth, an administrator. Daughter of Harry and Winnie Hollingworth, mother of Karl Grainger, wife of Geoff Allan, then Tony Grainger, then John Burton

Miss Buxton, a schoolteacher

Murray Clarke, a colliery undermanager

Frank Darby, a blacksmith. Husband of Olive.

Olive Darby née Parkin, a housewife and textile worker. Wife of Frank, sister of Winnie Hollingworth

Agger Eades, a coal miner. Neighbour to Harry and Winnie.

Comfort Eades, a housewife. Wife of Agger

Kevin Gold, a schoolboy. A boyfriend of Lynda Hollingworth

Karl Grainger, son of Lynda Hollingworth and Tony Grainger

Tony Grainger, a railwayman. Husband of Lynda Hollingworth, father of Karl

Colin Greengrass, a coal miner. Husband of Margaret, stepfather of Gary and David

Miss Grose, a schoolteacher

Jack Gundry, a coal miner. Workmate of Danny Lunness, husband of Pam Lunness

Pam Gundry née Lunness, a shop assistant. Daughter of Danny and Millie, wife of Jack

The gypsy girl, Winnie Hollingworth’s spirit guide

Mrs Harris, a spiritualist

Horace Hemsworth, a good neighbour

Alf Hollingworth, a coal miner and sailor. Harry Hollingworth’s cousin

Alwyn Hollingworth, a cook. Wife of Roy

Claire Hollingworth, daughter of Gary and Elaine

David Hollingworth, a coal miner. Son of Roy and Margaret, husband of Marie

Gary Hollingworth, a coal miner. Son of Roy and Margaret, husband of Elaine then Heather, father of Scott and Claire

Harry ‘Juggler’ Hollingworth, a coal miner, lorry driver and entertainer. Husband of Winnie, father of Roy, Pauline and Lynda, grandfather of Gary, David, Richard, Helen, Karl and Guy

Juggler Jane Hollingworth, an unqualified midwife. Grandmother of Harry, Alf and Tommy Hollingworth

Lisa Hollingworth, daughter of David and Marie

Margaret Hollingworth/Greengrass née White, a housewife and cleaner. Wife of Roy Hollingworth, then Colin Greengrass

Marie Hollingworth née Poole, a housewife. Wife of David, mother of Lisa

Wendy Hollingworth, a schoolgirl. Daughter of Roy and Alwyn

Winnie Hollingworth (née Parkin), a housewife. Wife of Harry Hollingworth, mother of Roy, Pauline and Lynda, grandmother of Gary, David, Richard, Helen, Karl and Guy

Roy Hollingworth, a soldier and crane driver. Son of Harry and Winnie. Husband of Margaret White, then Alwyn Callaghan. Father of Gary, David and Wendy

Scott Hollingworth, son of Gary and Elaine

Tommy Hollingworth, a schoolboy. Juggler Jane’s ward. Brother of Alf, cousin of Harry

Alf and Anne Horsman, publicans. Friends of Lynda and John Burton

Lanc, a coal miner. Friend of Harry Hollingworth

Peter Lightfoot, an entertainer and compere

Mr Lumb, a colliery manager

Brian Lunness, a schoolboy. Son of Danny and Millie

Danny Lunness, a boxer and coal miner. Husband of Millie, father of Brian, Barbara, Tony, Pam and Anne

Millie Lunness née Parkin, a singer and a housewife. Sister of Winnie Hollingworth, wife of Danny, star of Harry Hollingworth’s Mother Riley Roadshow troupe

Dr McCraig, a neurosurgeon

Lucy McGrevy, a neighbour and friend of Lynda Hollingworth

John McNeill, a soldier. Friend of Roy Hollingworth

Mr Meanly, a landlord

Enid Morris and Alma Winder, factory operatives. Pauline’s friends and mentors

Les Mumby, a friend of Gary Hollingworth and Kenny Blount

Annie Parkin née Weaver (“Muv”), a domestic servant and spiritualist medium. Wife of Walter, mother of Winnie, Millie, Olive and Sonny

May Parkin née Ward, a housewife. Wife of Sonny

Ralph ‘Sonny’ Parkin, a coal miner and sailor. Brother of Winnie, husband of May

Amanda, Carol and Heather Parkin, daughter of Sonny and May

Walter Parkin, a coal miner, soldier and spiritualist faith healer. Husband of Annie. Father of Winnie, Millie, Olive and Sonny

Dr Ravichandran, a neurosurgeon

Reg Robson, a good neighbour

Jane Seels, a farmer’s wife, Winnie Hollingworth’s employer and friend

Miss Senior, a schoolteacher

Miss Shepherd, a social worker

Mr & Mrs Skelling, landlords

Alma Slater, a schoolgirl

Kenny Blount, a coal miner. Friend of Gary Hollingworth

Nelly Spencer, a housewife. Neighbour to Harry and Winnie

Reg Spencer, a wages clerk and secretary of Highgate Working Men’s Club. Husband of Nelly

Jed Stiles, a coal miner and Elvis lookalike

Mabel Stocks, a domestic servant.

Mavis Stocks (no relation), a strumpet

Mrs Stone, President of the spiritualist church at Shirebrook

Ernest Sutcliffe, a coal miner and wet blanket

Beryl Tasker, a sewing factory machinist. Friend of Lynda Hollingworth

Clara Towning née Hollingworth, a fish and chip shop proprietor. Sister of Harry, wife of Ernie, mother of Clare, Derek and Alan

Ernie Towning, a coal miner and railwayman. Clara’s husband

Frank Tulley, a colliery manager

Dog Uller, a policeman

Sue Waine, cousin of Marie Hollingworth

Rex Wall, a rock ‘n’ roller

Rocky Wall (no relation), a wrestler and coffee-shop proprietor

Maureen Walsh, a friend of Lynda Hollingworth

Millicent Weaver, Annie’s mother

Margaret Westerman, a neighbour

Hilda White, a housewife. Mother of Margaret

Horace White, a coal miner. Husband of Hilda

Leonard and Shirley White, Margaret’s brother and sister-in-law

Jack Windell, a haberdasher